Squirrel Pop Kombucha

"The Original Fizzy Lifting Drink"

Squirrel Pop Kombucha

"Epic Fizz, Flavor, and Love in a Bottle!"

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Serving the Greater Seattle Area.

An Audacious kombucha Beverage for super squirrels!

SQUIRREL POP is fizz, flavor, and love in a bottle; it's kombucha for super squirrels! We are proud to offer you a beverage that is delicious, fun, and audaciously impactful on your vitality!
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Super Squirrel Testimonials

“It’s great at festivals.  I was having stomach problems and it calmed right down after I drank a Squirrel Pop.  I felt energized and replenished, which was a nice surprise.  I love how delicious and fizzy it is.  Squirrel Pop’s got the love!"

Cameron Stein, “Maker of Color” at Cosmic Chemistry Apparel

Mission: To Spread Positivity and Happiness Through Art

“We were at our second festival in two weeks.  We were tired, unloading, needing a pick me up.  There it was: Squirrel Pop! I felt immediately lifted up, both from the drink and how it was delivered.  There’s a lot of love in that drink!”

Summer Huntington – Co-Creator – ClubBell Yoga

“For me it’s what soda pop used to be.  I stopped drinking soda 4-5 years ago and now, for me, soda is pretty much irrelevant.  Any time I can have it I’m going to have it, and I’ll drink of much of it as I can.  It’s way healthier and it tastes better!”

Ryder Doupé – Film Maker – Strange Love Studios

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